~ "However you’ve gotten to today, keep gong tall and proud!” – Rick Hepner


~ “That strength was always there, you just had to find it!” – Barbara Lowry


~ “The first time I met Kris she was trying her best to minimize compliments from a group of women for an award she received. Now, I watch her stand up in front of groups graciously accepting awards for her hard work and boldly talking about her goals and how proud she is of what she’s accomplished. The transformation has been life changing for her and all of the people who have the pleasure of knowing her.” Holly Duncan Insurance Network


~ “I have known Kris for about 9 years. In that time she has gone from being a very shy person totally unable to speak in front of even a small group to someone who can speak in front of a large group and has won many awards personally and professionally along the way. Way to go Kris!” Candy Michels, owner CM Accounting & Bookkeeping Services


~ “Your strength in spirit and love in your heart is so inspiring!” – Hailey Barrett, Graystone Mortgage


~ “My heroes are those who lean in and never give up!” – Pam Juliano


~ “You’re an incredible role model! Everything that you’ve accomplished with your business is so amazing and inspiring. I hope that one day I can be like you!” – Alyson Alegre


~ “Kris – you never cease to AmAzE me! You redefine ‘drive’. – Julie Henricksen


~ “Kris you are on fire!” – Holly Spendlove


~ “Congratulations Ms. Kris! You are a Rock star! A true Trailblazer!” – Natalie Kaddas, Kaddas Enterprises


~ “You can tell that you have found the lesson in each step in your climb and found gratitude and happiness no matter the high or the low. You are living your divine purpose and making the world a better place to be in. Your words inspire freedom, your breath radiates love and the light you shine opens hearts.” – Ryan Kay Academy Mortgage


From my son Mason, “…I can’t help but smile at all the little things you do that remind me of just how great, genuine and vulnerable you can be…”and from my daughter Mikell - “Mom you’re a bad ass. You’re so inspiring to me how you don’t let fear stop you from following your destiny and dreams...”