Alcohol Tendencies

Breaking Free: A Journey of Overcoming Alcoholism

I abused and overused alcohol for 39 years. I am 57 (February 2023). I currently have 4 ½ years with no alcohol use. I personally have been able to stay Alcohol Free without the use of AA.

I have many successful Mindfulness Tools that I apply to my life. I share these in my mentoring program I offer. I believe in a power greater than myself and that is the support I received to release my alcohol addiction.

I used alcohol if I was sad, happy, depressed, celebrating, pissed off, frustrated overwhelmed, sabotaging – you may know what this is like… all those emotions get wrapped up into a self-medicating. I would say “one drink” and then I couldn’t stop. And then it led to me blacking out and doing/saying embarrassing things. Then the 3-day hangover (I dealt with SO much shame and guilt because this ruined so many memories with my kids)– because with Type 2 Diabetes, mixing alcohol with uncontrolled sugars is not a wise or healthy thing to do.

Here are some items for your ‘toolbox.’

  1. An art journal (download my $10 Art Journal instruction video here and see how to use an art journal).
  2. Rest your mind – take a few minutes, sit outside in nature, and relax
  3. Take a hot bubble bath with Epsom salts
  4. Drink half your body weight in water – use lemon or lime to flavor it
  5. Fill your cup first. you deserve this

Here is an addiction podcast interview I did: Podcast Link

Let me know if you need support