2 Magic Steps To Open Your Heart Chakra

I have recently been learning about Chakras. I’m not sure why, over the time span of my 16 years on my personal growth journey, I’ve never heard much mention about them. I believe timing is everything so I am soaking up what I learn.

I’ve been having heart issues the last few years and so the heart chakra it is – we will discuss this one today 😊


The 1st magic step is: Take time to sit in nature. Go to a park, find a bench under some shade and sit. No phone, no music, no company. Just you, the trees and the breeze. Forget your worries for 10 minutes. Sit, relax and breathe. Notice the grass under your feet. Notice the bright blue sky with fluffy, marshmallow clouds. Listen to the sounds around you. Leaves rustling, birds singing and the happy voices of kid chatter. Witness the feeling that arises as you’re relaxing here on the bench. So much peace and clam will be present for you.

2nd magic step: Mindfully Breathe. Our breath is our life force energy.  When we use it with intention it keeps us in the present moment. Hold your breath for 4 seconds, pause for 4 seconds at the top and exhale for 4 seconds. Find a breathing technique that works best for you. Breathing will help you slow down so you care less worried, overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you are thinking, “Oh Yeah, right, like this will really work.” Trust me it does. I thought the same thing the first time I heard this but I now use it constantly. It works.

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