2 Reasons Why You Feel Unfulfilled

I was feeling empty for soooooo long! I kept looking for happiness outside of myself.  Have you ever done this? I feel silly admitting it but honestly, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I always assumed ‘my’ happiness would, could, should come from my kids or my pets or my husband or my lifestyle — everything but myself.

I just didn’t know!

The 1st reason you may feel unfulfilled is you’re not sure what your core values are. To get clear about what matters to you make a list of values that you find important. Start building a life that matches your core beliefs. If you need help with this email me at Kris@krisrudarmel.com.

The second reason you may feel unfulfilled is you have a lack of focus. When setting your goal, so you can achieve your dream, it needs to be clear and concise not vague.

Get very detailed and even more importantly write it down. https://www.wanderlustworker.com/the-harvard-mba-business-school-study-on-goal-setting/

I’d love to share my goals my tools with you on how detailed I get with my goals so you can see how to make your dreams happen. Email me Kris@krisrudarmel.com

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