3 of My Favorite Journaling Tips


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Do you currently journal? How about Mindfulness or Gratitude Journaling

A few years ago, while going through an addiction recovery program, I learned just how important and healing journaling can be.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve learned several different journaling modalities. I love each one of them for different reasons. In the Guide section in my private Facebook group (you can join here: Confident Courageous Unstoppable Women), I share 6 mindfulness journaling videos (free) that you can watch and then choose which style you’d like to try.

Three of my Mentoring Clients have asked me recently how to make the most out of their journaling experience. I want to share here, on my blog, in case it will help you. 

Journaling Tips

Tip 1: Deciding when (to write)- I like evenings to write/journal when I am writing my 3-5 gratitude’s. I do this close to bedtime and then these grateful items go to sleep with me and sit on my heart all night. 

I have also started my day out with writing my gratitude’s out and this starts my day of with a happy feeling heart. Its totally up to you. 

When I journal in the morning (this is part of my morning routine) I also start with a mug of 32 ounces of water with fresh lemon squeezed in it (Medical Medium gave me this idea for my liver healing). 

Tip 2: Deciding how (to write)- as you are making a habit of journaling – I started out with 2 days per week and then moved to 4 days a week. I eventually made it to 6 days per week and take one day off. When you’re beginning or you’re trying to make a habit with journaling its ok to start with 2-3 minutes per day. Remember, baby steps!

Tip 3: Deciding what (to write) – I like journaling with prompts. I also journal without them now. In the beginning, it made it easier for me to begin with answering a question or writing about a thought – which is where prompts come in. (I share quiet a few prompt examples in my FB private group Confident Courageous Unstoppable Women).

Why And Feelings

When I gratitude journal it is a great practice, to get into, in writing WHY you are grateful and how you FEEL. These details are important because they connect you to the feeling of being grateful and the intention with your mindfulness journaling. 

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