3 Secrets on How I Boosted my Self-Esteem


For 35 years, I suffered with low self-esteem. When I say I suffered, it was because it was very painful for me and it also stopped me from going for my dreams or should I say it stopped me from feeling like I was good enough to go for my dreams.

I learned several years ago that self-esteem is the opinion you have of yourself and your abilities. Low self-esteem leaves us feeling unmotivated and insecure. This is exactly what it did to me.

I realized that not only did I suffer with low self-worth, I also had low self-esteem.


The first thing I did to start improving my self-esteem was to start saying nice positive things to myself. I was done treating myself like crap. So many times, we treat others better than we treat ourselves. Yeah, I was done with that! Don’t get me wrong, this was hard to do but I did it! I made a list of 10 things I loved about myself and I was on the road to improving myself.

The second thing I did was to remind myself that no one is perfect including myself. I created an art piece to hang on the wall that says progress over perfection. I began working on undoing my perfectionist mind. I am a recovering perfectionist.

The third thing I did was to celebrate my small victories. This was hard for me. I’m black or white/all or nothing. All I noticed was my failures, my small stumbles in life along my journey. All these baby steps accumulate into something larger. So they are very important to recognize and to celebrate.

If you need any guidance on this, go ahead and reach out to me. kris@krisrudarmel.com

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