3 Tips To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way

I’m sure you have many reasons why you procrastinate and don’t get things done. If you are like me, you feel may feel overwhelmed at times and don’t feel like doing any thing on your to do list. Here are 3 things that help me when I’m stuck:

  1. Throw perfection out the window- If you have your goal written down and you keep trying to make everything perfect, these are little ‘stumbles’ on your path. Nothing drains you faster than focusing on small tedious things. Trying to make it perfect versus just get going so you can work towards your goal. Imperfect or nothing. Remember ‘done is better than perfect.’
  2. Meditation- When you feel frustration taking over your mind space; meditate. This will help you calm down. Take some deep breaths and relax for 5-10 minutes. It really is best to make a consistent practice out of mediation, this way it derails your frustration in the first place.
  3. Be of service – Be of service to someone else. Whether it is a supportive phone call to a friend or serving a stranger on the street. You’ll feel good and have some ‘happy’ endorphins when you contribute to someone else’s life.
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