5 Things I Like About Myself

Do this exercise with me:
Take 5 minutes. Get in a quiet space, breathe deep a couple of times and write this at the top of your paper: 5 Things I Like About Myself.

Several years ago, this was very difficult for me to do.  I sat down to write and I wasn’t sure what to write!!

I wasn’t sure I did like anything about myself!  I sure knew what I didn’t like!  My large nostrils, my lazy eye, my belly. I didn’t like how dorky any photo of me turned out.  I was always so hard on myself. I didn’t/don’t like the lipomas on my arms.

Come on Kris, be happy you have a nose to smell with.
1) I like that I have a nose so I can smell pine trees and fresh, cut grass.

Be happy with your lazy eye.
2) I am grateful I have 2 eyes to see with.

3) I am grateful for my unsightly, lumpy arms.
Without arms I couldn’t hug people and couldn’t hold a pen and write a love letter.

With introspection, we can start loosening the grip on our negative thought patterns and our self -esteem will improve.

4) I like my kind heart and

5) I like that I’m a giver.
It makes my heart happy to give gifts and make someone’s day. 

What are your 5?

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