6 Tips To Begin Magical, Joyful Art Journaling

6 Tips To Begin Magical, Joyful Art Journaling 


“Art makes the Soul soar, when the Soul is lifted, life follows.” 

– Kris Rudarmel, Radical Self-Love Mentor

I have had a lot of women reaching out to me lately, asking me about Art Journaling and how it has helped me. 

I thought I’d share with writing a blog post and explain a little bit about it. 

I began art journaling back in 2005 when my personal growth journey began. (You can read a short version of my story here.


I’ve never been a consistent diary/journal writer but when I discovered art journaling, it changed my life. As I created my first art journal page, I realized how my mind shifted and my thoughts became clearer. 


As I typed up the words and glued them onto my art journal page (see my examples in this mini $17 course you can purchase here. I was astounded by the shift in my thoughts. 

These words became my Soul Truth Teller words that helped me shift out of negativity and into a more positive type lifestyle, with increased Joy, attached. I knew right at that moment I was onto something. 


An Art Journal is a visual creation where you practice making art while expressing yourself at the same time. 


You can begin your art journal in a notebook (the pages are thinner so you’ll want to mod dodge a few together so the page holds the paint better), an old book from a thrift store, maybe ask a family member or friend if they have an old book you can have. There are also yard sales that you can find great old books at. 


I like children’s books to create my art journals in, since they are small with less pages so they are perfect. 


When I create my art journals, I like to use a collage technique, it’s also called mixed media. Playing with mod podge, gesso and acrylic paints is so relaxing to me. Then when I add the transformative thought-provoking words…. words have power… I just love by repeating the words / power phrases 25 to 50 times per day, it actually rewires the brain. I am living proof this works (having used this process for so many years I have transformed and now I know the power of this). 


When you sit down to create if you feel stuck and need some inspiration- here are a few ideas I use to begin creating and out of ‘stuck’ mode: you can use music quotes, experiment with art supplies, look up positive words or power words, some examples are: strength, faith, energy, unstoppable you can find more here: power words for self-improvement  Another way to get unstuck is to just begin making marks -this works every time. 


You do not need to know how to draw or paint – so it can be a fun, creative, relaxing process. Art journaling helps a person develop your artistic skills, self-care and personal development. 

AJ can help with reducing stress, encouraging and sparks creativity and problem solving. It also empowers your thoughts and gives you courage. 

For me personally, starting an art journal helped me improve my creativity skills, let go of fear and I’ve learned new creative ideas along the way.


Here are the 6 tips for art journaling: 


  1. Art journaling can be created in so many different types of books: an art pad of paper (I like the 5×8 Canton brand that is serial bound. I use the heavier paper, so either mixed media grade or watercolor paper – sketch paper or computer paper is too thin). Buy an old storybook from a yard sale or a thrift store. If you use an old story book you will be painting the pages (I’ll show you an example of how I create using a story book in the mini video series you can purchase here


  1. Art journaling lets me be free while creating AKA I can be free in artistic expression. There are no boundaries at all. You can use any type of paint or tool (Ill share what tools I use in the mini video series found here that you want. You can use a paintbrush, your fingers, an old credit card or a brayer. You can write words, use prompts, or write phrases. You can create with colored pencils, crayons (these are fun because it takes us back to our childhood carefree days), markers – no limits here! You have the freedom of creating by scribbling, drawing, sketching or doodling etc. 


  1. As you practice and create in your Art journal you’ll grow as an artist. As you practice, remember there are NO Mistakes! Only “happy little accidents” – Bob Ross if something is quite not right to your liking cover it up with paint and go recreate it. It is that easy! Keep exploring, keep mark making! 


I love mod podge! I keep a bottle at my art desk at all times lol. I use it to apply words, tissue paper, napkins etc. to my art piece. 

As you are creating, go with your heart – follow your gut – listen to the promptings you receive. We are consistently receiving prompts, we only hear them if we are aware and quiet… shhhh l-i-st-e-n… don’t overthink it..  relax… be curious… continue experimenting. 


  1. Your Art Journal is your very own personal outlet. If yours is like mine there will be a lot of emotion, words and feeling, well honestly lots of thoughts – no one sees it – it’s for your eyes only. You combine art and journaling that is only for you to express your feelings. While Art Journaling you can trust the process and set your perfectionism aside and write your feelings down as you get to know yourself better and talk about what is on your heart. 


  1. There are no limits with Art Journaling. You get to choose and decide what to create in your Art Journal. There are no rules. Everything is possible. No pressure whatsoever! Only relaxing and creating. You’ll grow tremendously and beautifully as an artist and your creativity will grow. You will also become more confident in the process. 


  1. One thing that has changed me as a person is scheduling artist dates with myself each week. This idea came from the amazing book The Artist’s Way by Cameron Julian. Art Journaling is carefree and radiant. You will discover more about yourself by scheduling these artist dates with yourself. You get to engage in art every moment and steal away from your busy schedule. 


I hope my art journaling tips motivate you to begin creating. You can find me here https://krisrudarmel.com/ I also have a free magical self-care guide for you on my website. 

On Facebook you can find my private group here at: Confident Courageous Unstoppable Women. Instagram I am: Radical Self Love Mentor


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