A Girl and Her Dream – She Believed She Could So She Did

Once upon a time I had a dream – a dream to show up to be myself.

…and finally after living 44 years buried in my own way, I felt it was time to ‘awaken’, be real (raw) and find the road to happiness (bliss). Sure enough! With the help of Bravery and Courage it happened!

Hello! I am Kris and 10 years ago I realized I was just a little miserable (ha-ha actually A LOT) in my own skin. I had/have an amazing husband, 2 wonderful, healthy kids, really; your basic white picket fence story/life. But deep inside I struggled with low self-confidence, unworthiness, self-judgement and shame. I realized I needed to work on myself, my self-esteem, self-confidence and my belief in myself. I also needed to learn to LOVE ME.

And so it was- I began my journey of re-creation… ‘She believed she could so she did!’

I had some ‘muck’ I needed to clear out and clear up. I come to a realization it was time to do some work on my fears, to grow, to discover who I was, and to learn to awaken. I thought the story of the lotus and its symbolism seemed like a perfect fit for my logo.

Here is a little bit about the lotus. When it first begins to sprout, it’s underwater, making its home in ponds. Underneath the surface, the lotus is surrounded by mud, fish, muck, and insects – basically just dirty rough conditions.

Despite these conditions; the lotus flower maintains strength and pushes aside these yucky obstacles as it makes its way to clearer surfaces. The lotus grows, rises about adversity and as it surfaces and opens its petal to the air, it is bright and beautiful with NO muck attached.

So many of us are like the lotus; we are submerged in mucky water; yucky back stories of our lives. Some of us never make it to the surface and others are closer to emerging from our darkness and ‘muck’. And if you are like me, you are a bud; very eager to feel the glorious, bright sunshine of life.

Starting and writing this blog post is deeply scary for me – I have put it off for 3 years – 3 years must symbolize something because it also took me 3 years to post my business video online (here’s the link if your curious and NO I know it’s not perfect: https://www.facebook.com/anchorrestoration/videos) I had to do it, get it done and post it without perfection or I would’ve waited another 3 years… I am a perfectionist. I have also learned along the way how important it is do get an item done vs. being perfect.

Over the next few months I will be sharing how I have moved forward and dared to fly before finding my wings. It has been the scariest journey for me, EVER!

I will share how I have tried, for the most part, to stay out of my comfort zone – there have been lots of times I have tried to sneak back in – it’s so cozy right smack deep in our CZ! But I also know in order to achieve my audacious goals and dreams I need to stay out where it is scary and fear grips its all mighty hold on me.

Dare to take a step in the right direction

Courageously taking a step in the right direction

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