Comfort Zone

This is me, Kris, in both pictures, eight years apart. At 25 years old my dad told me sarcastically, he hoped that I wouldn’t end up on welfare like my mom did. (sidenote: my mom was only on welfare, because she was raising four kids with no help from him) That ignited the inner fire within me at the age of 40, when I consciously remembered these hurtful/ pained words.

Twelve years later, with an A/C of 6.5, (I had been a 9 for 12 years)I realized my self worth, hustle, grit, and risk. Plenty of people stumble onto amazing things with zero belief in themselves. It also proves you never know what you can achieve if you never try.

Fear squashes more dreams than failure ever will! Some of us start from the bottom, we can all be who we decide to to be. It takes tenacity, inner fortitude, courage and commitment.

Commit to you, today! Right now. You are so worth it. You have to believe! No one is born a star, but we sure can learn to shine and be a star! I stepped outside of my comfort zone twelve years ago. I can look back and say she believed she could so she did.


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