Do You Feel Stuck?

Do You Feel Stuck? 

Do you feel stuck in your muck? No matter what you do you don’t seem quite ‘happy’ or quite ‘centered?’

I know exactly how you feel! I was stuck in my muck for 30 plus years. It was just plain misery to tell you the truth. In 2005, I decided it was time for me to awaken to self-discovery. I wanted to change a few things about myself and transform my life. 

One thing I started doing was gratitude journaling. I had always been a negative person. Being present and noticing what I could be grateful for in my life, changed my life.  

art journal piece by Kris Rudarmel

If you need help with how to journal or gratitude journaling, I have 6 free videos on Mindfulness Journaling in my Facebook private group (9) Confident, Courageous, Unstoppable Women | Facebook

If you need some tips on feeling balance/centered I have some magical tips in my free self care guide on my website 

Blessings to you



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