Do you suffer from ‘Yes-itis’?

Do you suffer from ‘Yes-itis’?

I suffered from ‘yes-itis’ and realized after years of suffering with it, it was time to start saying ‘no‘.

I was a mom that was continually being asked to be involved with different things: PTA president, Boy Scout leader, Girl Scout leader, Board positions, Committee positions and the list goes on and on. Several years ago I was saying yes to all of it. I loved helping out bit it was also taking a toll on my health and hindering the 100% commitment I had to my business.

I started practicing saying no. It takes practice for those of us that like to help others or like to be involved in multiple facets.  As I practiced saying ‘no’ I would add “Thanks for thinking of me but I will need to check my schedule and get back to you.”

When we work, work, work and say yes, yes, yes this is stressful for our mental state and our bodies. Toxic stress ramps up our appetite for comfort foods. Boy, this was the case for me in particular.

When I started saying ‘no’ it gave me time for me.

You see, I was affected with perfection-itis (is this a word lol) or you may call it perfectionism.

I always did strive to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect employer, perfect employee, perfect friend, perfect house, you name it I wanted perfection.

I then realized I had to give that up and just work on progress and get to completion. It is still hard to do but I do my best.

I created my second company, Raw Bliss Wonder, with imperfection. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to not have all my ducks in a row before launching, but I did it anyway! J

I am happy to say that you, too, can have great success. If you are striving for success in business or your personal life, life’s conditions will never be as perfect as you desire. Just focus on what goal you want to achieve and begin working on it today! Remember, tiny action steps will put you closer to your goal.

permission to say no

permission to say no


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