Dream Big

I’m Being Transparent Here

Do you have a GINORMOUS dream?

A dream that really scares you but you know someday will be here soon so you’ll just dream then? I know exactly how you feel! That was me!

Back in the day I heard this quote “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

I was really stuck in my muck! Big time!

❣Do you ever feel this way? #stuck?

❣ We all want to reach and strive for that dream but then it’s so scary out there we retract into our comfort zone where it’s warm and comfy.. it’s safer here ..

❣It’s less vulnerable..less comparing going on.. less self-doubt…less fear.

When Frank came and asked me to help him run #anchorrestoration 9 years ago my first reaction was “hell no” I was toooo scared and then two days later I said okay.

❣ Fast forward 9 years …

I said yes to speaking on a panel with other women business owners.. I really wanted to say no lol…I knew I had to say yes because again I have some Big Dreams to achieve with #anchorrestoration..this is one of the steps on my journey to move me forward.. it was so scary for me!
❣ I prayed, I cried, I threw up, I prayed some more and gracefully I made it through it..WAHOO!
❣and when it was over and I came out of the fear fog, eight women came up and bless my heart.. they thanked me for being vulnerable and for sharing

Thank you again #wbc I so appreciate you asking me
#believeinyourself just go for it!
#dream #transparent #brave #bold #grit #raw #vulnerable#senseofwonder #rawblisswonder   #ihavethebestmentors #iamblessed#idohardthings
#mentor #womeninrestoration

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