Esteem Project by Hippie Skin

I may be the “Tenacity Queen” in business; but when it comes to my health and self-care, i really lag in these areas. As I work on myself and my health, I’ve made it my goal to inspire and empower 100,000 women to do it along side me.  I am beginning my self-care routine, and even though I have fallen off the wagon, I’m not scared to get right back on.

For over 25 years I struggled with low self-worth. So of course I felt inclined to participate in an ‘Esteem’ photo project by Hippie Skin.  When I turned 40, I started developing fatty tumors on my arms.  Today at 52, they cover my body, but my arms are still the worst.

I am incredibly embarrassed by these, and I feel icky when I look at them.  I seldom wear short sleeved shirts or sleeveless blouses, because when the light hits my arms just right (usually on stage speaking), they can be quite unsightly.

This photo art project has taken women and highlights their flaws, while showing them that their flaws do not define them!


From here on out, with the help of this photo project, I will wear short and sleeveless shirts.  I am grateful for my arms, if I didn’t have arms I’d have no hands or fingers, therefore I wouldn’t be able to do what I love doing. I love my arms and I am so so thankful for them.

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