Four Ways to Empower your Greatness

The following 4 principles I will be sharing with you have been life changing for me. These will help you increase greatness in your personal life and business life.
I know they’ll help you because they have helped me achieve success.

These principles can very well be your Secret to Success.

#1. Commit to ‘taking Action’- If you are working on building a business or you have health goals you want to achieve, it does NOT work if we sit and hope and pray for success if we are not out taking action. It just doesn’t work. It can’t work. Taking inspired action is the key!
Are you a goal setter? Do you want to set a goal but not sure how? Do you think of your goal in your head and then try moving forward with it?
The #1 key to having a goal work and have some level of success at achieving it is to write it down. Yes, writing it down is the ultimate key in achieving goals and your success. Here is a Harvard study that was done on the importance of writing down your goals:

Stay in motion and keep on ‘making it happen.’ I go deeper into goal setting in my online course: Being Mindful; Achieving Success – you can find the link on my website
For now, when it comes to your goal setting remember: Make your goal be visual, feel your goal, Understand your goal and again, take action. JJ

#2. Commit to ‘Stop Playing Small’ –
Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone?
Do you let fear get in your way?
If you struggle in these areas- write down 5 accomplishments/successes you have achieved in the last 20 years of your life. This tiny exercise will perk up your self-confidence which in turn will help you move outside your comfort zone.

#3. Commit to ‘Seeking Knowledge.’
I know the importance of seeking out knowledge both for business and personal growth. I am self-educated in creating, building and growing a business. I co-own an emergency flood damage company with my husband. ( We knew zero information in the flood damage industry. We continually sought out industry publications and attended industry courses so we would be educated in our field. It is best, if you are new in business or interested in starting a company in a field you know little about, to seek out mentors in your field, read and search online to increase your knowledge base.

In the personal growth arena, I have read one personal development book per week for 12 years. I thoroughly enjoy learning ways to improve myself. This contributes to my growth with our business and me personally.

A few of my favorite books are: The War of Art, Think and Grow Rich, Unlimited Power and Start With Why.

#4. ‘Believing in Yourself.’
Failure of making mistakes stops a lot of us dead in our tracks. Pleeease remember it is okay to fail. There are going to be bumps in the road on our way to successfully achieving our dreams, so when we trip, fall or fail, make sure and learn from your mistake or failure. And then get up, brush off your pants and begin again. And again. And again. Trust me I know how failure hurts, I have been there!
You have got to keep trying and climbing that mountain with skinned knees.
It is hard to believe in ourselves if we struggle and listen to our self-doubt and our negative gremlin voice. Get in the habit of pushing past your discomfort. Put yourself out there and do NOT worry about what others think of you! It is none of your business anyway!
Keep repeating your growth opportunities and you will prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think.

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