Going to Battle Against Your Self-Doubt

My greatest pain over the last few years has been leaving my comfort zone.. When I finally managed to get out of that tight, warm, comfy place I felt so frightened, and I mean REALLY Frightened! And vulnerable! 10 years ago when I decided to escape my comfort zone I didn’t realize how fearsome and draining it could be and trust me there were many times I tried to run, actually race back to my comfort zone.

I didn’t like feeling unsure and afraid.  I don’t like that naked feeling of being in the spotlight when I would stand up at a networking event and have to introduce myself. I would get very sick to my stomach and I knew for sure I was going to lose my lunch. It made me extremely uncomfortable standing up and talking while being looked at and stared at. I had low self-confidence and low self-esteem and running our new business was so scary within itself and then adding the other pieces – it really just freaked me out.  My self-doubt was truly smothering me.

I had existing persistence in me and I had a commitment to change, and I had a little misery still residing in me so I was able to fight to stay out of my comfort zone and I didn’t let the self-doubt control my life or my business.

If you can ward off self-doubt then many opportunities arise for personal growth, change, and improved confidence. It does take practice to continue being in that positive mindset so you can keep your self-doubt away.

Do not let excuses take over. I had so many! So many that stumbled me… I don’t have enough money, I didn’t go to college, I’m only a high school graduate, I don’t have the skills to start a company… I wrote all these down and then turned these all into positive statements. You can do the same – write down your negative stumbling statements that you hear your gremlin tell you and turn them into positive ones.

Do you really want to succeed? You can either have excuses or results but without a doubt you can’t have both.

If you consistently are doubting yourself and thinking you aren’t good enough get to the root of the problem. Where do these feelings begin? Was there a specific event that caused you to harbor this feeling?

Continue working on battling the self-doubt within you. It takes practice, and with consistent persistence, I know you can do it.

Brave and Coward

Discipline yourself to fight the fear

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