Learn, Try, Stay and Care

Years ago, I read these words from Jim Rohn. I want to share them with you:

  1. Learn- what you don’t know will hurt you. You have to have learning to exist, let alone succeed.
  2. We learn by what we see, so pay attention. We learn by what we hear, so be a good listener.
  3. Try- you have to try something to see if you can do it. Try your best. Give it every effort. While we were building and growing our company, #anchorrestoration we kept trying and trying and trying to succeed. We would not give up!! Trust me, there were times we knew it would be easier to give up but we had worked too hard!
  4. Stay- you have to stay from spring until harvest http://rawblisswonder.com/plant-your-seeds-building-a-champion-you/ Sometimes the calamity arrives, but if you signed up, see it through.
  5. Care- if you care at all you’ll get results. If you care enough to make a difference, you’ll care enough to win.

See entire article here: http://www.getmotivation.com/jimrohn/jrlife_worthwhile.html



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