My VIP Art/Mentor Monthly Membership

VIP Art/Mentor Monthly Membership

VIP Art/Mentor Monthly Membership with a Kris Rudarmel originalA few days ago, I had 2 women inquire about my VIP Art/Mentor Monthly Membership asking why the price is so inexpensive. BTW the monthly price is $27. 

In the membership, I offer one group mentoring class, one watercolor class and one mixed media art class (plus if you sign up now you have access to all of the past classes I’ve taught/shared). 

I chose this price because I want it affordable (times are tough right now) for women so they can learn the importance of putting their oxygen mask on first. 

Mentor For Success

Each month I share success principles, the ones I’ve used to transform my own life, that women can take and apply to their own lives to reach success with their health, business, financials, spiritual and mental. 

 Here is the link to check out the details: Welcome To Your ‘VIP Art Membership’ – Kris Rudarmel

Here are some photos of what I’ve shared with the class:



I create, online in a Zoom room, while you watch and then you can create what I have made or it inspires you to create the type of art you want to paint. 

“Working Through Perfectionism” Testimonial

“Growing a business means making a lot of big decisions and I realize that I put myself under a lot of pressure to keep my work and home-life happy and healthy. I didn’t value me-time to recharge my battery until Kris invited me to join her in an art & mentoring class, and I finally said yes for me! As a recovering perfectionist, I am now working through that perfectionism with some really fun art, and I love it! I am discovering a talent that I left behind in my 20’s.  Joining Kris and others in WholeheARTed Creating with Kris is a fun and rewarding time, where I truly am enjoying time for me! And with every project I get to practice being perfectly imperfect! I would recommend to anyone who would like to have some fun, to join us now.” Jevine Lane, The Lane Group


“Reconnecting” Testimonial

Reconnecting…. that is a word that holds a lot of different meanings, for me. Kris and I were childhood friends, for several years. Then, as we got older, we lost contact. That is the way of life.


Over the years, as an adult, I also lost contact, with a cherished part of myself – my creativity. Even as a young adult, I was able to create, whether it was writing poetry, or sketching, or painting. Adult life, however, has a way of “getting in the way.” My creativity was put on a very remote “back burner,” as I navigated the challenges of adulthood. But that creativity kept tapping me, on my shoulder, and meekly asking, “what about me?” And I would nudge it away.

Then, a little over a year ago, I was able to reconnect, with Kris. She shared, with me, her Self Love HeART Journaling workshop, and I decided to join her Free 5-day Challenge. What fun! I loved it! The challenge gently guides you into connecting, or reconnecting, with your creativity. Kris is amazing, and her gentle guidance is absolutely beautiful! I am now a happy member of her VIP Art Mentoring Group! Through this group, I have not only reconnected with my creative self, but I am becoming more confident, in sharing my artwork, which has always been a huge challenge, for me!

Being a part of Kris’s VIP Art Mentoring Membership group is truly a wonderful, rewarding experience! – Gayle

“Being Authentic Selves” Testimonial

“Ladies! I always look forward to my Thursday evening retreats with WholeheARTed Creating with Kris!  This weekly uplifting online art workshop hosted by superstar business woman, artist and mentor Kris Rudarmel is all about taking time out for self-care, reflection and letting go of toxic habits, perfectionism mindsets and receiving useful tools to become more present in our authentic, loving selves while creating imperfect (really, it’s okay 😉) works of art along the way!  I WholeheARTedly encourage you to join us!  🎨🖌♥️” –Tori Pirate girl 

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