My Why: Power of Your Mind Project; Youth Dream Board

“My Mission is to inspire greatness in others, contribute to the growth of mental wellness so my community may expand their confidence level to become unstoppable. I share tools that’ll help others evolve their inner power base of self-belief and self-confidence by using courage and fearlessness to influence their life. I live what I teach – Leadership begins within.” – Kris

I want to explain how and why The Power of Your Mind Project: Dream Board Workshop came to be.

When I turned 40 (I’m 54) I heard these words: “and the day came when the risk to remain in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”- Anais Nin. I realized I was really stuck. Stuck in my muck with low self-worth. I started self-analyzing to figure out why I suffered with low self-worth. I have a successful marriage and have raised great kids and so I was forced to look inward and work on me.

I started to put the pieces together when I looked back at my childhood and my family dynamics.

My Father’s first love was alcohol, and though he only lived a few minutes from me, he was never interested in parenting or being involved with me or my brother. I was raised by a single Mom with 4 kids and no child support. My Dad left me with a broken heart when he died at 57.  I continued waiting each day, up to the age of 40 when he died, for a call from him that he finally wanted me in his life and he loved me. Sadly, that call never came.

I just completed a 14 year journey of creating a new me. I have literally changed my personality, a few of my characteristics and WOW I’m a different person (plus I know I am different because my husband of 36 years reminds me quite often lol).

These last 14 years have pushed and kept me out of my comfort zone consistently, which also includes 16 months of sobriety with alcohol and food addiction (My Higher Power has done for me what I can’t do for myself).

Along my journey, I had a dream; A dream to assist youth in building their self-worth, believing in themselves and creating their best self. I don’t want them to face their struggles in life not knowing there is a support system and tools available so they can learn to navigate these challenges.

I personally felt lost as a teen. Felt lost in the sense not being good enough or worthy, feeling confused, kind of out of sorts – it’s hard to explain. I have always had a lot of fear, self-doubt and insecurity painfully surrounding my soul. Not sure why only that I know it is what it is, but I now know that we can overcome our challenges and those circumstances do not define us!

The Dream Board consists of 3 pictures (the student chooses from our magazines). The rest of their board is filled with words and phrases that they glue on. When these words and phrases are repeated several times, or more, per day it is proven that our brain can be re-wired. I’ll share the exact processes I’ve used to transform myself. They’ll receive hope from what I teach them, realize their worth and know that someone believes in them.


As I share my success principles, I will be teaching them how to trust in their own abilities, qualities and judgement which will build their self-confidence. The principles I share will also increase their ability to encompass their belief in themselves.

Each month I’ll share a variety of success principles depending on time available, how many students attend and really gauge what is needed: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Love yourself
  • Believe in yourself
  • Gratitude
  • Charting your course; goal/dream setting
  • Vision/Dream boarding
  • Positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem (as you know with these 2 items we can accomplish anything and everything)
  • Kindness matters
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Comparison
  • Derailing our inner critic
  • I am statements – positive mantras/affirmations
  • Surrounding ourselves with the best people
  • Perfectionism
  • Being resilient
  • Mindfulness

This project is for 13-19 year olds (suicide rates are high in this age group)

Here are several statistics to back the need of my Power of Your Mind project:

  1. “One single negative word leads to the release of stress producing hormones that shut down logical reasoning.” –Mark Waldman
  2. “Someone struggling with domestic violence will be more empowered to leave when they find their inner strength and self-worth.”
  3. “Low self-esteem can lead to destructive habits.” Elizabeth Venzin –
  4. Dove beauty reports, “7 out of 10 girls/women believe they are not good enough.”
  5. “Each positive word has the power to change the expression of genes that regulate emotional stress.” – Andrew Newberg M.D.
  6. “85% of people suffer with low self-esteem.”
  7. Statistics from Big Brothers Big Sisters 2019 brochure: “Youth that have a mentor are more likely to avoid risky behaviors, have better relationships and do better in school. Suicide is the #1 cause of death among Utah youth ages 10-19 years old. 90,000 Utah kids live in poverty.”

I am a resident of South Jordan. I am the co-owner and founder (along with my husband) of Anchor Water Damage & Restoration. Anchor is a 24/7 emergency flood service, carpet cleaning and mold abatement company. Over the last 17 years in business, we’ve been recognized with 16 awards including Best of State. We’ve been married 37 years and have worked side-by-side for 26 years.

I’m also the founder of Raw Bliss Wonder; a company I started to help women learn how to become empowered. I guide and support women to rise from their muck, awaken, and design their best life. I have used powerful words to help transform my life. These powerful and inspirational words are now used throughout my art pieces and in the workshops that I teach.

 “The most enduring influence for success is self-esteem. Believing you can do it, believing you’re worthy of it and acquiring the confidence that you’ll receive it.” – Kris Rudarmel

Always remember, “I Believe in You.”


Kris Rudarmel 


16 time award winning entrepreneur

Soul Flicker Artist: ‘Healing Beliefs. Uplifting Messages.’

Creator of the Courage Art Card deck IG: @courageartcards



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