Personal Development

Over the last three years, since 2005, I have studied, learned, read up on, listened to any personal development resources.

In 2005, I heard the words “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”-Anais Nin, and I realized just how stuck in my own muck I really was.

I was happily married, had two great, happy children, the typical ‘house with a white picket fence’ lifestyle. But deep down, I didn’t feel happy.

I had always thought inner happiness came from other people, places or things. I didn’t know it came from within ourselves! And so my journey began!

For 30 years (I’ve been married 35) I had my husband drive me almost everywhere.

1. I don’t like driving.

2. I struggle with directions and finding addresses

3. I struggled with low self confidence and low self-esteem so it was easier for me if I had someone with me.

The last few years I’ve improved with my self-worth, so I now drive myself 95% of the time.

This may seem silly to some people, but this was a huge factor in my every day life.  Something that I knew would  be difficult for me to overcome, but definitely achievable.I wanted to work towards this goal so I would be a great example of being independent and increasing my self-worth.

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