Plant Your Seeds – Building a Champion; You

Our outcomes are only as fine as the effort and consistency that you put into performing a task.

We can choose to prepare for success or we can do things half a**ed and not prepare and execute a growth plan. Growth plans are crucial. I created a growth plan for my company in 2013 with the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program. Wow – that was an amazing experience. #GS10KSB

Just as a farmer does in preparing a pumpkin patch (attached seedling picture is of my neighbor’s farm; The Mabey’s Pumpkin Patch) our success is the result of the groundwork of planting our seeds. We need to plant our seeds and nourish them so they mature. We need to execute our time, effort and money. It does take sacrifice and it is difficult but we need to do it if we want continued success in our business or our personal lives.

We cannot cheat and take short cuts – truly we need to do what we say we are going to do. These words are geared towards our clients and ourselves. For example, if we tell a client that we will call them back in an hour then we need to call them back in an hour. Not 2 hours not an hour and a half; it needs to be one hour.

If we commit to going out in the field for sales calls for 3 hours; we need to go out and make sales calls for 3 hours. It is best to not overestimate on your time so you can hold true to the items you’ve committed to.

We reap what we sow – whether it is in our business relationships, personal relationships, our health, our work or our finances.

Put your best foot forward and commit to doing your best. We surely can strive for persistence, determination, commitment, and integrity to accomplish the results we want.

We live in a world of order. To plant that pumpkin patch we need good fertile soil and moisture. The soil needs to be generously taken care of and loved. This is a good time to ask yourself if your heart and soul are in your daily actions.

Stop making excuses. I am living proof that it can be done. We bootstrapped our way to success. Was it hard? He*l yes, it was hard! It was death defying hard. It sure would’ve been easier buying a franchise but we chose to learn, grow, and build with grit. Yes, grit; it took mental and physical toughness! (

I used to live the kind of life where I waited for everything to be perfect. I’d put things off waiting to be prettier, richer, thinner, etc. its best to just leap in with both feet and do it. It is now time to live; Leap! Go for it! Get planting your seeds! Hold on tight, say a prayer, make a plan, plant the seed and Just Do It!!

Your success comes through the cumulative effect of daily, focused effort. You’ll be so happy when you see your seedlings sprout!
Remember when you plant your seeds you want to plant them with no criticism. Plant with kindness.

When I started planting my seeds in the sales field I made sure and followed through on what I told my prospects. I nourished them with kindness. If you plant pumpkin seeds you surely won’t sow lemons. Make sure and sow generosity and kindness and that’s what you will reap.

Do not complain. Be in gratitude that you have this amazing opportunity! Take inspired action to be your best self!

Prepare your dreams

Prepare Your Dreams

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