Plowing Through Your Fears

I haven’t really overcome any of my fears.. I just keep plowing thru them. I have continued on with implementing faith over my fears. I’ve heard the words Courage trumps fear and I am living proof that these 3 words are SO true!! I kept on with the courage and bravery and didn’t let anything stop me.  Every time I was strong with my resilience and faced my fear I achieved a sense of accomplishment- but crud- fear is like a huge heavy rock each time.

Fear imposes limits and blocks on our minds and our clarity. Fear of failure is one of the most crippling emotions that can and will limit our potential in life and business.

One of the fears that still control me is heights.. I still can visit national parks but my legs turn to jelly when I try to sight see along the high ledges. I have a major panic attack but I keep working at it. That’s all you can do right?

My personal method in fighting the fear? Act despite the fear.! I dug deep down to find my courage and go for it!

Try moving forward in spite of your fear it is worth the pain most of the time. If you can fight thru the resilience you are feeling there is usually a growth spurt ahead of it.

Do It Scared

Do something Bold

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