She Reaches the Summit

I have had these words typed for 3 months but went into hiding as I felt naked posting them. But it’s time! I’m Freaking Doing IT!! .

Triumphantly, she reaches the summit. She was assigned this mountain to show others it can be done. It took every ounce of courage, strength, super inner power and lots of blood, sweat and tears but she made it. She created the change within herself she strived for.  #shebelievedshecouldsoshedid

I am honored and graciously humbled to announce: – It is so surreal right now to look back at where I was internally; the confusion, #self-misery, the lack of #self-worth, the lack of #self-confidence, #self-judgment and #shame I felt and to be able to be standing here and truly feel so different it is amazing!

I am so excited to share what I’ve learned and help guide and support other women. Women that feel stuck and struggle with being in their own way but that have a desire to play big and achieve their life long dreams.

I will continue to grow and continue to be a knowledge seeker as this is so important to me.  I am also continuing to help with Anchor just a few less hours. 😉

In the meantime I will be offering my monthly ‘Awaken Your Inner Warrior’ workshops.  I created a mentoring program called  Awaken Your Warrior– with 3 pillars; Belief, Awaken, & Transform. I also speak on ‘8 Ways to be Unstoppable,’ and I have other things in the works. (Website is there is a free gift available for those of you that know someone that struggles with self-worth)

Why I chose the name ‘Raw Bliss Wonder.’ Raw: I am going to be real even though I am scared out of my mind. Bliss: I love the words ‘Follow Your Bliss’ but they are so cliché. I always thought our inner happiness came from our kids, husband or other resources- I didn’t realize our happiness comes from within. And Wonder: I love ‘Find Your Sense of Wonder’ – so Wonder is that feeling my clients will experience when working with me.

In the business world, I want to send a huge Thank You to those of you that I met in a mastermind, a workshop, a coaching/mentor session/group, I’ve heard you speak, rubbed shoulders with you and I picked up on something you said, networked or served on a board with you. I wouldn’t have met you out in the business field if it wasn’t for my husband asking me to help him build his company, Anchor. It IS because of #anchorrestoration and my husband, Frank, that I was able to focus on building my Leadership skills, my self-worth and my self-confidence.

Thank you for planting a seed that I continued to nourish and continued to water feverishly.  My vision increased, my insight brightened and my motivation strengthened; you influenced and enriched my life.

A huge shout-out to our kids, Mason and Mikell, for helping at Anchor and Thank You to my family and friends; I started to tag each of you and I knew I would forget someone so know that I deeply appreciate you.

To our clients: there have certainly been so many amazing things I have learned from you. Bootstrapping a company from the ground up was NOT an easy task but you guys made it enjoyable! The letters, thank you cards and the notes online honestly brought tears a lot of times. Thank you for believing in us and choosing our company #anchorrestoration … Frank and I genuinely appreciate you!

The few blog posts I have so far are a work in progress.  I’m being very real and transparent here when I say that writing is not my forte! I am working on it and growing each day but it is a true struggle for me. So much of a struggle that it stops me from posting on social media and writing.

My perfectionism keeps trying to get my attention but I’m not giving in!  So you get what you get…  Progress not Perfection.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

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