So Grateful To Tell My Story

My Story

I love that over the last 10 years while running a local flood damage company with my husband, (we’ve been in business for 18 years), we’ve been recognized with 20 awards. You may be thinking big deal! This has really helped us with third party endorsements that have been FREE opportunities for us and our business! 

They hear about our accolades and ask us for an interview. We are a small, family-owned business so this really helps get the word out about us. We feel so blessed that these complimentary opportunities arise for our company. 

A few months ago, our local community credit union asked me for an interview. They run a series of ‘Our Story” for their social media outlets. 

I said yes, although I wanted to ask if we could do it in a few months after I released some weight I have recently put on. I then realized that the interview needed to take place now whether I was thin or chunky. This is my outward appearance and its ok. I know my heart is filled with kindness and beauty so I’ll be grateful for that right now and do the interview. 

I am so grateful and honored for all of the awesome experiences we’ve had over the years! 

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