Take a Break From Playing Small and Play Big

In the past, I always struggled with feeling small. I knew I needed to play big to achieve my dreams but I was stuck in a rut of playing small. I noticed one thing that kept me playing small was playing the comparison game. I know so many of us struggle with comparing ourselves to others, especially with social media because it has taken over our lives.

I finally decided one day that I was going to work on not thinking I was less than. I would be okay with the lady I met at a networking group that was very beautiful and looked very successful, or my neighbor that seemed to have it all. I chose to be happy and okay with myself, but no it didn’t happen overnight.

Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? It’s really draining and doesn’t feel good does it?

I want to share a few tools I use to climb from the quick sand when you feel like you are sinking fast:

  • Keep an ‘Atta-girl’ file. I keep mine in a manila folder but you can also keep a running list on your phone. Make it easy for you to keep track, so you can make use of this tool.  Whenever someone pays you a compliment stick it in your file. When you find yourself comparing or being hard on yourself pull out your file and read through these nice things being said about you. This really helps!
  • Look up names of people that play big and surround yourself with them. Whether it be podcasts, books (autobiographies), blogs or personal development seminars, these types of things will amp you up into feeling better and not play small.
  • I like to be involved in service based projects and giving back. This always helps with our feelings of playing small.



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