The Story Behind the Borrowed Black Dress

Borrowed Black DressI’ve only worn a dress a few time in my life.

This is the only dress I’ve ever worn that has shown a little cleavage.

I borrowed it from an amazing lady and it was the grand ole’ size 10! What?! Here I have this darling dress plus it’s a smaller size! In 2008 I wore a pant size of 20.

I really was excited to go to a local event #peanutbuttersmellslikelove. An event my husband didn’t want to go and in the past his decision would’ve made me stay home also. But I really wanted to go to support my 2 amazing friends that were putting on the event.

I tend to be a very nervous person, and knowing I was going alone, I had a churning stomach for 2 weeks before the event. I did not let this stop me though.

In the past I wouldn’t have had enough self-confidence to go by myself. But I was excited to try this new venture on my own without my husband by my side! One thing that made it easier was knowing I had a seat by two great ladies, Wendy Benson and Ann Webb. So that helped ease my anxiousness a little.


There were 2 things that happened that made me extremely uncomfortable and almost go back home.

I arrived a half hour early with no familiar faces and I was in dress that I literally felt naked in!! Not a grand feeling that’s for sure lol Remember this is my first cleavage dress in public.

By the time the venue started filling up with people I realized I was the only one in 200 people that was showing skin… I freaking really felt naked and uncomfortable… Luckily I did feel beautiful in the dress but naked lol

I ended up leaving early because of a sore throat so I didn’t even get a photo with Tara and Wendy Starling. But I do have this photo my husband took before I left.

Thank you Lupe for loaning me your beautiful black dress. It made my night. Oh! And the sparkly diamond bracelet and earrings; these were also a first! Xo

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