Ugh!! I’ve Hit My Upper Limit Again!

Kris holding a picture that says "She believed she could so she did"Do you ever feel this way?

Over the last several years my upper limit will stop me dead in my tracks. Even with all of the personal growth work I’ve done on myself. The secret is how to climb out quickly when we do get stuck.

So many of us base our actions and decision on how we anticipate other people will perceive us. As a result, we don’t always do the things we want to do because we are afraid of what others will think.

Its been a tough road to be on because I have let a lot of opportunities pass me by simply because I care what other people would think and say.

When was the last time you didn’t do what you wanted to do because you cared what someone would say or think?

Some important things I have learned, so I no longer give a crap what others think or if they have mean comments about what I am doing. Their comments are about them not me. So remember when someone says something rude or negative to you it is about them not you!

This is YOUR life. Go for your dreams. Do NOT let others stop you or take away from your huge goals/dreams you have.

Trust opinions from someone you can talk to. They’ll listen to you and not judge or make irrational comments.

Just like all other things in life, it will take practice putting these tips into action. Be patient and do NOT give up. Keep going and trying! Persistence is one of the keys to success. You’ve got this. You deserve this.

…and remember “I Believe in You.”

Xo Kris 

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