What Is Raw Bliss Wonder

In 2016, Raw Bliss Wonder was placed on my heart.  March 2016, I was on my knees praying and surrendering, asking God what my next step was.  I asked what piece was I missing for our business, Anchor Restoration. (www.anchorrestoration.com)

We, once again, were painfully struggling with cash flow.  I had also reached a point that I realized I could no longer work side by side with my husband.

We had worked together for twenty-five years and it needed to be done as soon as possible.  As I prayed, I received my answer and promised to move forward within the next few days.  I was creating a plan around the answer I had heard.

As I created I was prompted with Raw Bliss Wonder.  Raw-I will be real; even though I was scared to be transparent and vulnerable, I realized it was time.  Bliss- teach women the tools to find inner happiness and joy.  Wonder- I’d always loved the quote ‘Find your sense of wonder’. So I added wonder to my business name.

After I created the name, I was prompted to offer monthly workshops, Derailing Your Inner Critic and Awaken Your Inner Warrior. These answers to my prayers have sent me on a journey to helping women face the same struggles that I have faced for years.

Currently I have a 21 day online challenge available: Unstoppable Warrior, Unstoppable You & Being Mindful while Achieving Success.  They can be found at https://rawblisswonder.com

I also offer a three month mentoring program. You can email me for details at kris@rawblisswonder.com or find info here. https://rawblisswonder.com/coach.

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