What Makes Me, Kris, A Great Mentor?

What Makes Me A Great Mentor?

I was asked what makes me a great mentor so I thought I would share my answer here on my blog. (You can also read my story on my website https://krisrudarmel.com

I know the pain of living with low self-worth. I lived it for over 35 years. I also continually self-sabotaged, had extreme self-doubt and insecurities and so much FEAR it kept me in my comfort zone for years and years. 

I also drank alcohol for 39 years to cover my fears and insecurities (I recently just celebrated 3.2 years with recovery). For a lot of years, I struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder.

Personal Growth

I began my personal growth journey in 2005. It took me quite a while to transform because while working on myself, I was also assisting my husband in running his flood damage company. 

All my fears were wide open in my community as they all watched me grow and leap out of my comfort zone (I have hundreds of amazing words from my community I can share with you. Actually, I’ll share some below on this blog post).

I kept these words of praise from my community because they helped empower me to keep leaping out of my comfort zone and stretch beyond my upper limit. I keep them in my At-a girl file. 😊😊 

Coach And Mentor

Kris Rudarmel Artist Mentor CoachI feel experiencing and sharing Life Experiences are everything when mentoring clients. In addition, I am a certified as a Train the Trainer with Jack Canfield. 

I volunteered as a Mentor for the Women of Worth foundation for 2 years and mentored our many employees (without realizing I was doing that) over a 9-year period.  

I share the exact Success Principles and tools with my clients that I have used to create six figure months, in addition: 

How I Can Help

I strive to be the mentor that I needed! Through mentoring, art and wellness tools, I guide and support overwhelmed women who struggle with self-sabotage, fear, self-doubt and burnout. You will leave survival mode and create valuable time for YOU. Imagine experiencing increased energy levels, fulfillment with health and abundance… Imagine achieving greater levels of happiness and doing things that you enJOY. Are you ready to learn how to create YOUR Best Life? 

If you’d like to set up a discovery call to find out more about my mentoring program, you can schedule it here: https://calendly.com/kris-191/discovery-call 


“Kris recently spoke at our chamber of commerce event.  She shares her story of courage and personal struggle in a genuine way. She then pulls lessons from her personal challenges to help others overcome their trials.  She has a passion for helping others to improve their lives through inspiration and strength. Thank you,” Julie Cluff  Owner, the Joint Chiropractic 


Pam Juliano: “You are a brave soul. You recognized a change that you desired and engaged in a process to create a new world for yourself. What a fantastic gift to give to yourself. You were also brave enough to share your journey with online friends and those of us who knew very little of your struggles were inspired. More of us struggle with what I call feelings of scarcity than we want to admit. Your willingness to share has inspired more to take up the challenge of creating a new life. You inspire me to be mindful that as we grow in our professional goals the challenges we faced on a personal level are still there but we manage them more skillfully. We allow ourselves to recognize we have feelings of doubt but don’t let them squelch our dreams. Thank you for inspiring me today!”

“You are AH-mazing inside and out. My goodness the journey you have been on since we first met! I am so proud of you, finding your voice and Believing in the person you were always meant to be. Congratulations!!” Judee Guay

“You go girt!!! The transformation in yourself is AMAZING – you are ready to lead the pack!” Ann Webb 

“Words cannot even express how grateful I am to have you in my life. Thank you for what you are doing to help so many women, including myself. You truly are an angel sent from heaven.” Wendy Warren Coons 

“Kris, you are a powerful creator! Wow! Your business, your polished presence, your ability to put concepts into powerful visualizations. You are wroth paying for! Thank you for the invitation to change my life!” Lauree Smith

“A dear friend of mine stepped out of her “box”, her fear, and is truly living and speaking her truth. She’s been an inspiration to me.” Darby Gates


“I took the Unstoppable Warrior Unstoppable You 21 Day-Challenge and have to tell you I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!  Kris is an amazing teacher, who is honest and real in all she teaches.  She has an amazing ability to teach with humility and understanding.  That is a rare quality I believe.  She teaches from her heart and with great compassion.  She wants all who attend her challenge to succeed and give you all the tools to make that happen.  There is never judgment and you never feel like you’ve failed.  Kris understands that life happens, and has a great way about her when it does.  She leads by example and will share her true self all the time.  You walk away a better person than when you started!” Nikki M. 

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