Food Tendencies

I personally struggled with an eating disorder in my early teens. It has reared its ugly head off and on over the last 40 years of my life. I’ve starved my self and suffered with anorexia in my early teens. I’ve gained a ton of weight by binging on unhealthy food (and alcohol for a lot of the years). Food is my drug of choice and I’ve used it incorrectly. I’ve used it to numb and self-medicate. They sell my drug in the grocery store on a shelf. I don’t have to go to the corner to buy my drugs. I have had one foot in the grave, for over 30 years with so many health issues because of my unhealthy food choices.

In 2019, I surrendered to my higher power and found out about a food addiction program. Miracles happened and for the next 8 months I was off of ALL sugar and flour. This type of eating was just too restrictive for me. I had a lot of mind games going on and so I started searching for other answers… other ways of getting my food addiction under control. I finally have found many answers. And there it was: it had nothing to do with the food I was or wasn’t eating. It has everything to do with our emotions.

When we over restrict our eating and we’re not willing to feel our feelings – this can cause us to feel urges to eat and urges to binge. Let’s work on giving ourselves permission to allow food and allow feelings so we can be free of food tendencies that are no longer healthy for us.

Here are some items for your ‘toolbox.’

  1. An art journal (download my $10 Art Journal instruction video here and see how to use an art journal).
  2. Rest your mind – take a few minutes, sit outside in nature, and relax
  3. Take a hot bubble bath with Epsom salts
  4. Drink half your body weight in water – use lemon or lime to flavor it
  5. Fill your cup first. You deserve this

Email me if you have questions or if you need support

overcoming food tendencies