Do you struggle with any of these?

Are you stuck in your muck?


Do you feel that you are not enough?


Do you feel unworthy?


Would you like your business/personal life to soar?


Do you look in the mirror and not like what’s looking back at you?


Do you feel like you’re meant for something greater but not sure what ‘greater’ looks like?


Moving forward vs simply drifting


Struggling with low self-confidence or low self-esteem?


Nurturing yourself with love and kindness?


Your choices disempower you instead of empowering you?


Loving your comfort zone?

I can and will (you do the work I offer the solutions) help you increase your peace of mind, happiness, self-worth, abundance, inner courage, self-confidence and self- esteem.
You will learn to:

Step into faith and out of fear


Confidently leap outside your comfort zone


Identify where you’re stuck in your muck


Feel courageous, gain clarity, be fearless


Escape approval addiction and your negative gremlin voice

“Kris, with your help I am beginning to uncover and change the negative beliefs that have limited me to a mediocre life. I am making and achieving goals for the first time in 56 years and I am learning to love my authentic self. Thank you for guiding me to believe in me! Thank you for being my light!” -A.B.

Kris is the creator of the Awaken Your Inner Warrior system. With this system, she upped her game in her personal life and created and grew a company from a ground floor level and reached a level she never dreamed possible. She has experienced more joy, confidence, self-belief, peace and financial freedom.

Using the Awaken Your Inner Warrior system, Kris was able to release her shame and self-doubt that paralyzed her, escape the self-judgment that numbed her. She now has control over her 25 years of uncontrolled diabetes. She has dropped her A1C from a 10.5 to a 6.8 and released 58 pounds.  In the professional world, Kris has been recognized with 16 awards; the 3 most recent being: The Stevie Bronze award and being nationally recognized as 2nd runner up for Women in Restoration (the first company she co-created,

Kris struggled for 30+ years with being stuck in her muck, feeling out of control, food addiction, over drinking, hangovers, low self-worth and very low self-confidence. Then she discovered the process on how to change her mindset and limited beliefs. She has had stunning success.

When you work with Kris you will increase your

  • self-belief
  • increased self-confidence
  • be clear on your direction in life
  • achieve inner peace
  • feel more joy

“For years I have struggled with my self-esteem and self-worth. I have had years of therapy, which has been productive in working through the experiences I’ve had that have made me feel the way I do. But the portion of working on bettering myself and boosting my self-confidence wasn’t always the first topic of conversation. When I began Kris’s class I was nervous because I knew this would be my most challenging experience yet due to having to face myself head on. No more discussing everyone else, this was all about me. I have only been doing Kris’s workshop for about a month and a half now and it’s amazing so far what I’ve noticed. I have been saying kind words to myself once a day. Saying I love you to myself in the mirror, which let me tell you, is probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. It has inspired me to look into daily writings, to take time to really appreciate certain things and gifts about myself I’ve never noticed or taken the time too prior to this group. Another thing about Kris herself is she’s so easy to talk to, if I ever have a question or a struggle she has an exercise or wonderful advice to help me through it. I have already recommended this workshop to many of the people in my life because it works. Taking the time to realize your talents, to encourage yourself, and to spend time on you daily it’s amazing what it does to your life. I would highly recommend anyone taking this course if they are ready to better themselves, and their lives. They will not regret it!” – K.E.

We can create the life we deserve to live!

Kris’s vision is to help and empower other women to find their inner warrior by working on courage, bravery and confidently moving toward their dreams; to bust through and leap to be the powerful, bold, fearless women they are meant to be.

Each of us want and could use a little more courage, a little less fear and to expand from our comfort zone. Kris says, “Trust me, I know how scary this is! I was in own way for 30+ years and I have lived beyond my comfort zone for the last twelve years!” Over that period of time, Kris has exercised courage, felt the fear and continued doing it anyway.

“Everything I was not doing and doing was because I was fearful, doubtful, self-conscious, worried, in judgment of myself, ashamed, self-critical and self-doubted myself. All of these negative feelings led to all the actions that I was doing and they were creating the results for me in my unhappy life.”

“We all want to feel amazing, feel true bliss and be in abundance; be abundant financially and increase our mindset abundance. It is the most amazing feeling to now live with a sense of pride, self-confidence and wisdom.”

Kris has lived what she teaches. Let her help guide you to your fortified self-confidence level you deserve to be at. Fill out the complimentary strategy form below and she will be in touch.

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