Negative Inner Voice

How Can You Overcome Your Negative Inner Voice and Cultivate Self-Love?

Your negative inner critic voice can be persistent and LOUD! It tells you all the reason you’re not good enough, you’re stupid, how you suck, how you’re ugly. It judges you saying your fat, nobody likes you, you’re an impostor. It berates you too. The inner critic damages your self-confidence and your self-trust. It creates a game of self-blame it also allows self-blame to fester.

Here are 2 tips to silence your inner critic voice:

1. Awareness -Start noticing when your inner critic voice is going off. If you always hear “you are ugly” you’re going to counteract it with “I am beautiful.”

2.  Practice loving kindness. Show yourself some compassion and love. I go into details with this in my free self-care guide you can get here: Self-Care Guide

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