Courage Art Cards


Each Courage Art card includes words to encourage you to ignite your inner courage and create the best version of you.

53 Cards 4×4 hand-painted art cards digitally reproduced


FIRE-UP YOUR COURAGE These cards make excellent gifts for anyone but especially anyone who may be struggling with their self-worth or self-image. Each Courage Art card includes words to encourage you to ignite your inner courage and create the best version of you. I am living proof these words can improve your life just like they’ve done mine. These words have inspired and empowered my personal life and business.

Art Card Affirmation examples:

Fear is a sign you’re doing bold things.’
‘You are enough exactly where you are.’
‘Believe it is possible for you. Because it is.’
‘Focus on the possibilities. Avoid the limitations.’
‘You have permission to shine boldly; be unapologetic.’

Oprah says, “Every right decision I’ve ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I’ve made was the result of me not listening to my greater voice.” Paying attention to our promptings is so vital to our success.

These courage cards, can help you identify your inner voice and
have the courage to follow your promptings.

About the Author:

Kris has been creating art and painting since 1983. She began donating her paintings in 2010 to non-profits to help them raise funds.

She has used words and art to heal her internal beliefs that kept her stuck for over 35 years. She’s struggled with low self-worth, self-sabotage, fear, and self-doubt throughout her life.

Kris loves sharing her inspirational and empowering art with words that give others hope; Hope that each of us can heal from our past trauma, addictions and low self-worth.

The right words can engage your brain. Words have the ability to inspire, motivate and empower each of us. We have the power to plant seeds of success or failure. This reveals whether we grow or remain stagnant.

Each mixed media art piece has, at least, 4 layers of paint and ephemera. Under the 1st layer Kris has intuitively chosen 3 words/phrases just for you. (She includes the words on the back of each art piece).

‘Always remember, “I Believe in You.”’

Soul Flicker Artist

“Healing Beliefs. Uplifting Messages.”

(Kris also currently co-owns Anchor Water Damage & Restoration with her husband. They are a 24/7 emergency flood service, carpet cleaning and mold abatement company. They’ve been recognized with 20 awards.)