Welcome To Your ‘VIP Art Membership’

$27.00 / month

Your VIP Art Membership is a place to call home. Kris’s Tribe of creatives come together online to create in a supportive and relaxing art community.

This membership is about creating an art journaling practice. Your VIP Art Membership is a nurturing, safe, uplifting place to create, grow, and share and make your daily heART journaling, a habit. When it becomes a habit, you’re filling your cup first. You’ll experience increased patience, calmness, confidence, refining and transformation.

note: This is a transaction that will be automatically deducted from your account each month. Don’t forget to check your junk/spam for your receipt.

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VIP Art Membership – 2 art projects per month; one acrylic and one heART journaling using watercolors

Acrylic Class (once per month)

  • Each month Kris will share an acrylic mixed media painting lesson with you. Acrylics will be painted with a key card or your fingers – no paintbrushes will be used
  • you can join in as she creates or watch the video and re-watch it later at your leisure to create yours
  • No experience needed

Water color; painting/doodling flowers/leaves using your heART journal

  • Each month Kris will share a flower/leaf/vine watercolor design – you can join in as she creates or watch the video and re-watch it later at your leisure to create yours
  • Kris will doodle the flower, leaves etc. and then paint them with watercolors (watercolors are so relaxing you should really try them- buy an inexpensive set to begin with)
  • No experience needed

VIP Art Membership

  • Founding members price is $17 – only $17 until June 2nd 2021 – pricing will then be $27 each month- email me if you have questions kris@krisrudarmel.com
  • Each month we meet 3 times; one acrylic lesson, one watercolor lesson and one group mentoring session
  • We will meet Live in a private FB group (I’ll also be using Zoom for those of you with no FB). Each month’s projects will be added to the project vault. You’ll have access to current projects and all of the past projects, indefinitely
  • This membership is for you if you want to learn how to doodle, draw flowers, vines and leaves. I’ll paint with watercolors while you join in or re-watch later and create your project. We will also be painting one project with the mixed media type art
  • I will offer a traceable template of my project so if you’re a little nervous you can trace my art or feel free to doodle your own style of whatever we are creating. Step by step instructions will be given
  • Each project will include a supply list with links to my Amazon affiliate links for speedy purchases – no pressure! Michaels, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby have coupons. You can also use the supplies you have at home
  • We will learn and grow together
  • Each month you’ll have a personal Mentor – Me! ???? I’ve been painting for 37 years and focusing on my personal growth since 2003. I am a restored/transformed old soul LOL (ask my hubby of 37 years ????)

Why join?

  • Creating art will help to transition from serving everyone else in life to serving and nurturing you
  • You’ll find more meaning and purpose
  • Through self-acceptance and forgives you’ll be able to create easily and more effectively
  • You’ll learn to live a more hopeful, heartful life with less self-judgement

And lastly, you’ll learn to believe in yourself and experience inner peace and calm

  • June 2021 is self-compassion month. The project will be Soul Truth Cards (see photo of these on my website under the VIP Art Membership tab). What are Soul Truth cards? These are self-love messages from our Inner-soul Truthteller, they help re-wire our brain so we can experience inner-calm and inner-peace. 2nd project for the month will be a doodle/watercolor in our heART journals
  • July 2021 – Strengthening your inner-power. August 2021- Discovering your heart center (September -December 2021 themes and art photos are listed on my website: krisrudarmel.com VIP Art Membership tab.

What is the purpose/outcome of this membership?

“I have been told that I present in raw/transparent form. I’m real, meaningful and totally relatable. I combine my life experience and my own stores with soul creative lessons I teach. I share my tools to help you cultivate self-love, get unstuck from your muck and own your worth.

What I provide in this monthly membership are enjoyable activities to help women become aware of what’s holding them back, helping them to incorporate self-love and getting them to know their restored self on a deeper level. I will help you know what will bring you the most joy, peace and freedom – unshackle the courage and bravery to remain committed and to reunite with your blessed soul. You’ll learn how to discern truth from lies, stop giving in to your mean girl voice and leap forward into self-discovery.

Creating alongside Kris means you get to go within yourself to restore. What lights you up?  What inspires you? What motivates you? What calls to your brave, courageous self? Free your mind from the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s and connect to the present moment so you can put yourself first and learn to love you first.

The power of self-love, the power of affirmations, the power of positivity, the power of a healthy mindset, the power of self-talk; remember we have the power inside each of us.


About Kris

Kris Rudarmel is an award-winning entrepreneur and artist. She shares her stories of adversity with fear, in business and in life, with vulnerability and being awakened and restored and how she boldly built a company to new levels and took risks to soar, while being resilient. Along her journey, her belief in herself grew exponentially. You will hear her message of enlightenment and life changing principles for fearless living that will assist and empower others to leap into their greatest potential.

Struggling with 2 addictions and an eating disorder along with body issues, Kris had to teach herself different kinds of relaxing modality’s because her brain hardly ever slows down. The oppression of fear can keep us chained up. When we’re not mindful of the evil spirit of fear and its disastrous pattern– it can become a habitual theme in our lives. Masking our fears behind irrational activities of any kind seriously confines our ability to be ourselves. This is exactly what happened to her over 37+ years. We’re not to blame for our fears, but it is up to us to figure out how we will manage them.

So many of us struggle with addiction and the Limited Beliefs we painfully continue to hold onto. These Limited Beliefs hold us back (like my Dad issue did, for me). We painfully self-sabotage, we ache with self-doubt, we agonize with insecurities, we are bitterly overwhelmed, we struggle with low self-confidence and we have heartbreaking low self-worth – the list goes on and on and on! I offer principles and tools to expand your self-care and self-love so you can experience genuine refining and restoring.

“I guide and support women through art and mentoring, who struggle with overwhelm, self-sabotage and self-criticism to expand their desire to feel centered, inner-calm, and inner-peace. This is all about Overcoming, Restoring and Becoming who You are meant to be.”