Art Journaling

“Art makes the Soul soar, when the Soul is lifted, life follows.”

– Kris Rudarmel, Radical Self-Love Mentor

Art journaling is a tool for mindfulness and self- expression, and it assists with self-healing. Self-healing serves to heal or repair oneself and gives you control over your emotions and thoughts. Art truly heals. Art Journaling has helped me with confidence, slowing down my brain so I’m way better with eating healthy and I’ve been Alcohol Free since September 2018.

Radical Self-Love Challenge

This free self-love challenge will be shared over a period of 5 days. Day 1 – Forgiveness, Letting Go Day 2 – Restoring and Becoming Day 3 – Emotional Discomfort Can be a Superpower Day 4 – Creating Your Results Day 5 – Building a Foundation Along with the content I also share the importance of taking, at least, 5 minutes per day, for YOU. I received the content through prayer, meditation and some of the information are tools that I have used and applied with much success.

Courage Art Cards


These cards make excellent gifts for anyone but especially anyone who may be struggling with their self-worth or self-image.

Each Courage Art card includes words to encourage you to ignite your inner courage and create the best version of you. I am living proof these words can improve your life just like they’ve done mine. These words have inspired and empowered my personal life and business.

Releasing Creative Blocks

Taking time to release our creative blocks can help us in our day to day life to be free from the self-criticism. I am here provide some steps that can help you release those blocks and allow your free flowing creativity to pour out of your beautiful mind!

Fast Track to Self Love (Ebook)

End the overwhelm and escaping from your life. You’ll experience richness, tranquility and peacefulness.

In this eBook I share 4 different tools that I’ve used to restore and become who I dreamed of being.

Self-care Guide

Jumpstart Your Healing and Self-Love with
heART Journaling

WholeheARTed Journaling tips to increase happiness and abundance. It’s all about overcoming, restoring and becoming who ‘you’ are meant to be.