Self Compassion

Self-compassion is kindness towards oneself during hardships

After many years of working on my personal growth, I feel self-compassion is when we can give ourselves encouragement and support rather than judging ourselves and constantly doubting ourselves. I’ve been using and sharing mindfulness tools for several years.

These have helped me tremendously with having self-compassion for myself. For so many years, I struggled with the pain of seeing myself as an ‘ugly duckling.’ So, SO painful. Maybe you struggle with this, or do you know someone who does?

Here are a few tips to soften up on yourself and offer some self-compassion:

  • Stop beating yourself up. Be patient and kind, and stop criticizing every little thing you do
  • Work on ways to relate to yourself vs. being so harsh on yourself
  • Look at your emotions with curiosity and go easy on yourself
  • When you stumble – it’s ok. It is not a failure
  • We all have shortcomings – again, go easy on yourself

Here are four ways to practice self-compassion:

  1. Practice mindfulness techniques which will help center you
  2. Treat yourself as you treat your friend
  3. Be ok with making mistakes
  4. Write up three power affirmations and repeat them often (email me if you need support with this )

I share a ton of info on self-love and self-compassion in my free magical self-care guide.

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