Self Love

Self-love is the practice of accepting and nurturing oneself

Self-love is when you can/are fully accepting yourself with loving kindness, self-respect and nurturing your growth and wellbeing. Self-love is not only about how you treat yourself but is hugely about your thoughts and feelings.

How often do we treat our friends better than we treat ourselves? What does self-love look like?

I personally have found (I started my personal growth journey in 2005. You can find my story on my website that self-love is when you

1. prioritize your health and wellbeing

2. You begin recognizing your inner strength

3. You begin putting your oxygen mask on first

4. You give yourself, at least, 5 minutes of ‘you’ time each day

5. Forgive yourself when you trip up 6. You continue using positive self-talk and 7. You celebrate your successes/accomplishments 

I share a ton of info on self-love and self-compassion in my free magical self-care guide you can grab here: Self-Care Guide

Here is a free Radical Self-Love Challenge you can do if you’re interested  Radical Self-Love Challenge

how to practice self-love