Self Sabotage

A few common self-sabotage behaviors include self-medicating with food, drugs, alcohol (actually food for me has been a form of drug because it was putting me closer to my grave) comfort eating,  self-injury such as cutting, procrastination, actually any type of addictive behavior is self-sabotage.

Pressures that lead to self-sabotage can be from dysfunctional childhoods, distorted beliefs about oneself and suppressing feelings.

Overuse of alcohol, food and drugs or other addictions allow people to escape painful emotions. People start depending on these habits.

The distorted beliefs make overcoming addiction a huge challenge. Train yourself to respond in a new healthy way such as sharing your feelings, exercising, eating healthy and/or developing a new hobby; doodling and water coloring has helped me.

I offer help with this in my free self-care guide you can find here: Self-Care Guide 

Self-doubt art 2
Self-doubt art 2