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Below, you’ll find links to all the important areas of your Unstoppable Warrior membership content. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Videos will be saved and posted for future viewing after each live event on our: Members Only Page

We will be meeting virtually (not in person) in a closed FB group I have created. The launch event for my 21 day challenge has other information too. Make sure you have access to both links before we start. Technical Support: email kris@rawblisswonder.com

I am so excited you have joined me here on this 21-day journey! Just a reminder for you: We will be meeting virtually (not in person) in our closed FB group. Requests to join the group will be approved ASAP (this is a closed group so no one outside the group can see our posts/videos).

Staring May 10th at 7pm (Mountain Standard Time) I will be sharing the foundational principles I have used over the last 12 years to up my game (playing big) in my business and personal life. .

As I share these principles with you, please, remember these tips and refer back to them often:

1. Overwhelm can stop you in your tracks. What I share with you may be new to you or you have heard them before, whichever the case is, take tiny steps or overwhelm can take over. Done is better than perfect (I am a perfectionist so I know how this can take a toll). Take notes in your notebook and refer to them when you are ready for your next baby step. This is all divine timing. Be easy on yourself and take your time. You are worth this! If you do feel like you are behind – STOP it! Haha. Finish this 21-day challenge and you can always sign up for June’s course at an alumni price of $35 Quitting is not an option! Do not be afraid of failing – I wouldn’t be here if I would’ve been afraid of failing. Please, stay watching the videos even if you feel like you are getting behind. You’re trying and that’s all that matters.

2. There is no such thing as getting behind. Work at your own pace. You have the choice to pick and choose what you want to work on. Be easy on yourself. Be proud of the baby steps you are taking. All healing and change takes time. Do not give up! You are worth this journey. Please do not feel pressured into believing everything I say in this course. These are tools I have used and achieved success with. I am here to just offer different ideas to help you leap into self-discovery.

3. Comparison is the thief of joy. Be easy and kind to yourself with comparing your life, circumstances and progress of others.

4. Keep your inner self-talk positive. All of the comments in the Facebook closed group need to be supportive and positive. Any negative posts will be deleted.

5. If you have questions, please email me at kris@rawblisswonder.com or tag my name in the FB closed group so I see your question.

6. Have the following ready: a journal/notebook and a nice writing tool (I love ink-joy and G2 Pilot pens – smooth writing and fun colors – both important when journaling and writing notes). Be prepared with an open, positive mind J

Technical Support: email kris@rawblisswonder.com

What you receive for your $69:

  • 21-days of virtual online coaching with Kris Rudarmel (Each day, for 21 days, I will do a FB live where you can join me. This recorded video will be kept in the membership area to view at a later time)
    I charge $125/hour for my mentoring services. My individual time for this 21-day challenge would be $2625 – what a deal! 🙂
  • PDF’s that go along with some assignments
  • Occasional art pieces /quotes you can download
  • FB closed group – lifetime access
  • Lifetime access to the membership area – the FB live recorded videos will be kept here

Again to repeat: There are 2 ways to access the 21-days of transformational greatness:

Go to the FB closed group: Unstoppable Warrior Unstoppable You; A 21-day challenge https://www.facebook.com/groups/194056094722425/ to join. Each day I will go Live; (1st day May 10th is at 7 p.m. mountain standard time).
Each video will be recorded and put into the membership area http://rawblisswonder.com/dashboard-2/

When you refer a friend and they’ve paid (have them use your name so I can track this) you’ll receive a $10 cashback bonus or $10 off of my Courage Art Cards (you choose). Refer 5 paying friends and receive a free box of the Courage Art Cards (valued at $50 -can be viewed on my website RawBlissWonder.com)

I am your Cheerleader! Lets DO this!!

We are Warriors! A warrior lives and acts with great strength, integrity and commitment. A warrior has ignited the courage within. They can face their toughest emotional challenges and break the old patterns. A warrior takes on the fearful voices of the enemy within.
Listen to your heart, it will lead the way.

Technical Support: email kris@rawblisswonder.com
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