Well Being

Well-being is the state of being happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

The Webster Dictionary defines Wellbeing as a state of being, happy, healthy and prosperous. WOW doesn’t THAT sound ah-mazing?!! This is exactly what I mentor on! It has taken so much work to get to this point and I am now so excited that I have the tools and Success Principles to share these with my incredible community. When we have a growth mindset, a positive mindset and positive attitude – oh how this helps build the wellbeing skills we need! Or we should want!! Right?! In 2005 I read Jack Canfields Success Principle book and I’ve never looked back! I started living these principles that month and 13 years later I became a certified Success Principles coach with Mr. Canfield.

Wellbeing emerges from our thoughts, experiences and our actions. When we continually think positive thoughts, our wellbeing tends to be way better. This may sound like common sense stuff right here but honestly it has had to be very methodical for me to go from a negative Nelly, my entire life, to a positive Paula. 😊😊 Seriously, up until the age of 42 I only ever saw the glass half empty. I lead a very painful, negative, fear-based life. My story is on my website krisrudarmel.com

Something that has helped me in feeling and finding true joy is to notice the tiny things in life. this could be the tiny moments of noticing sensations – it takes practice, it really does. It also takes patience and it expands our curiosity. My peace and calmness had increased since really noticing the small things in life.

I also really notice the feeling of being in awe – that ‘sense of wonder’ moment when there is a feeling of child like delight or admiration – this could be in noticing the cloud formations floating by, hearts in found objects; rocks, clouds, leaves, fruit etc. Really noticing the details in dragonfly’s, butterfly’s and natures details.

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